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5 easy steps to increase social media engagement

Raise your hand if social media FREAKS YOU OUT?

Let me tell you, you aren’t alone! Even after doing this for years I still freak out every time I hear about new algorithms on INSTAGRAM. I do however have to admit, I have always been a social media addict, it is a such a big part of my job and I like learning ways to use social media to my advantage. I would agree to lots of people saying that social media is not good for us, it has a lot of downsides to it, but it is also great for us! Just think how much easier it is for anyone to be selling something they make from home, just by posting it on social media. You can easily do your own marketing too! If it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t be working from home, being my own boss, having own schedule and enjoying the creative work I do!

Let's get to 5 easy steps to increase your social media engagement :

Connect to your audience

I get a lot of people asking me for advice, when they suffer from not getting a lot of engagement, but when I ask them what efforts they do to engage with people they do minimal work or they don't do anything at all. You need to see engagement as give-and-take. You can’t expect people to engage with your content if you are never engaging with theirs. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day liking, commenting, following, and responding to stories with meaningful messages, connect to your audience, make connections, it's amazing who you can meet on social media. I have made so many real friends over the years, just by using Instagram, now I can travel to so many places and know that I have a friend there who will be happy to see me :)

Write enthralling captions

Probably one of the most known way to increase engagement on your posts is by writing capturing captions ( yes, captures that captions!). Forget about simple captions like "Throw Back Friday Y'all!". You need to ask yourself, how would someone react to a caption like that? Try using captions that include a personal story, a tip you know to make someone's life easier, or an actual question you are curious about to know your audiences opinion. Caption space is where you connect to your audience, show them WHO you are or what are you selling. Make your audience want to come back to learn more, bring out their emotions, and they will engage with you.

Use the right hashtags for your post

Hashtags are your friends. We know about them, be learn them and we use them to increase organic engagement and growth on social media. Instagram allows for you to use up to 30 hashtags on every post, and you should take advantage of this by using the right hashtags that are relevant to your content, industry, and products and/or services. Also, use hashtags where your posts can rank easily instead of using very generic hashtags like #meme for example where it is extremely difficult to rank in.

Ask questions

Be smart and use questions to get your engagement! Would be ideal if your image is related to your question. I like to suggest using questions that would be interesting to anyone who stubbles upon your post. Asking questions will help get the conversation started, but it is very important that you are responding to their comments as well. This way you will have the conversation going, more people will decide to get involved in the discussion and it will be a definite win- win!

Be present, engage and be REAL.

Instagram will be your asset if you do everything right, if you stay active and involved. It's a lot of work, but it pays off. So don't expect to schedule your content to automatically publish to Instagram and think that you are done. Engage after posting something new. Interact with other people that are struggling to get engagement just like you are. Don't forget to post Instagram stories, IGTV or create Reels, and always respond to comments and DM’s.

You will start seeing the results in less than a day if you use these tips. I promise it works.

Still not getting enough engagement?

The reason might be your content...

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