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Dynamic and static content

What's the difference between dynamic and static content?

There are two types of content you can be posting on social media. And if you learn what they are and incorporate them into your social media strategy you will never waste your content, because you will reach your target audience. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So let's not waste all that good content you have, use these tips below and find out what content is what before posting it.

There are two types of content you can be posting on social media.

Static content - pre-scheduled, pre-thought out content that give a consistent look to your feed which is GOOD, but it can get stale and boring if you keep only posting static content.

And then we have dynamic content - which is a little more fun and diverse. This content is more timely and in-a-moment, and will get you more engagement. Yay!

3 themes of dynamic content you can think about of incorporating into your content strategy:

1. Events and Dates coming up

Check what special dates are coming up next time you plan your content in advance. I like checking websites like this for example 250+ Hashtags and Days of Observance for Your 2021 Social Media Calendar

Use this link to follow hashtag trends.

2. Influencers

Reach out to influencers that can help you promote your content. Think of collaborations, reaching out to bloggers in your content area. Create something beautiful and fun together. Make connections and build relationships. I love collaborating with brands and entrepreneurs.

3. Campaigns and launches

This is a really important dynamic content. Remind your customer who you are, what is your product, what is it you're working on, is there something new coming up. Post that on your feed and use twice as more of that content in your stories. Show behind the scenes of your work place, the product you're about to launch or you're working on. Let people know things are happening and you're present!

5 Static content strategies you should be incorporating into your social media strategy:

BIO - This is where you tell people WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO. I would suggest posting at least once a week about who you are and what is your social media handle all about. Think of new audience what would stubble upon your account, will they easily find out who you are or what you're selling? If your answer is YES, you're doing a great job.

Business content - share links to a product or services you're offering. Share links to a new blog post to drive traffic to your website.

BOOST content - I love this one! Content that would inspire, and boost your audience. Share a quote or an image that made you feel motivated and might motivate others, share something that made you laugh.

Behind the scenes - 2021 will be changing a current social media game a lot, there will be more natural images, REAL content. So share STORIES, REELS and everything what shows that you're a real human. People want to know they're interacting with humans. The more human you are on social media the more successful you'll be.

Engagement content - This content is a community focused content. Use such content to promote other people on your Instagram in the comments below your posts. Let your audience give themselves a shoutout, use your post to get people to comment about what they do, where they live, what's their Instagram about. Anything to show you are not only posting your content and waiting for likes to come without giving something back.

Most importantly be active. Show your audience who you are. What makes you beautiful, different, fun and make your content VALUABLE. Get those post saves. I know you can! Now go ahead and do it!



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