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Pür & Simple

Next to donuts and croissants, breakfast foods are my favorite.

I am most excited about breakfast and it's kind of a challenge for me to find new breakfast spot whenever I am traveling or just when I am interested in trying some things new.

Vancouver is a perfect place to be a breakfast lover.

I have my list of places I love to go, and today I added a new breakfast place to this list.

Pür & Simple is located on 299 East 10th Avenue in Vancouver. They have several other locations too across British Columbia and one in Edmonton, Alberta.

If you're looking for fun, bright and instagramable place to have breakfast Pür & Simple it's an excellent location for that. They offer a fabulous breakfast or brunch menu, full of sweet and savory standouts that actually make it worthwhile to crawl out of bed. It serves pretty much anything you can think of for breakfast or brunch.


Expect a world of sweet and savory treats when you go to Pür & Simple.

I have so much to say about their cinnamon swirl pancakes! Topped with icing glaze, caramel and whipped cream... It's so tasty, I've been waiting for this my whole life - to find a perfect pancake!

The portion was huge, I ended up taking one pancake to go.

Their French Toast is another great breakfast option to go with. I went with a RI RI’S CRUNCH. It's topped with blueberries, bananas and roasted pecans and caramel. And when I say it's topped, I mean it is TOPPED. If you're a fan of blueberries this is going to blow your mind.

Explore the world of Benedicts

If you're craving salty food, Pür & Simple has a nice variety of Eggs Benedict to choose from. 8 different styles of Bennies served with delicious home fries.

Order some sausage with Pür Maple syrup to make your breakfast experience even better!

No matter your choice, you won’t be disappointed with the meal you end up with.

I feel like food here is almost too pretty to eat. If you love good looking food and love taking photos of it for your social media feed, then you will be happy to visit them.

Price and portion sync up really well here as well.

I definitely recommend Pür & Simple.



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