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Nagi - Raw Organic Energy Bars

I am usually the navigator/DJ when we're on the road with my partner Lucas. I love spending time on a road, windows down, enjoying the scenery... What I don't love about being on the road is when I get hungry and Lucas misses the exit to a gas station where I was supposed to get refill on snacks:)

Having energy bars with you at all times it's how I survive these types of situations. And just like that everything can be right again.

Since I discovered Nagi, at least two of them always travel with me in my bag at all times. They're perfect for my afternoon snack at work too.

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Photography : Dovile Lingyte

Is it a snack or is it a treat?

Nagi is a Canadian based organic energy and snack bar company.

It's nothing more than what it says it is: super yummy, organic, and filled with nutrients, not other extra fillers like other bars. They are made from organic ingredient without any additives which is rare on the market right now.

There are 5 High Protein Organic Energy Bars and 2 types of Makaroon Protein Snacks to choose from.

My favorites are: Chocolate Almond Coconut Energy bars and Vanilla Almond Makaroons.

There are so many ways to use them.

My favorite Recipes:

Morning Granola Energy Bowl:

Honestly for granola bowls I usually eyeball everything! But this is what I use:

Any type 1/2 cup coffee crema yogurt/yogurt ( I use Olympic Krema Cafe Latte)

Any nuts or granola, even rolled outs if you prefer

Coconut flakes, Toasted

Half banana

NAGI Vanilla Almond Makaroons

2 tbsp spoons MUNCH Vanilla Latte Nut Butter

Chocolate Vanilla Chia Pudding :

400 ml of Coconut milk

1/4 cup of Chia Seeds

1 table spoon of Vanilla Extract

1 1/2 tbsp of MUNCH Chocolte Almond Butter

Top it with Chocolate Almond Coconut Nagi bar to add nice amount of protein!


There are so many ways you can have your NAGI bars. You might just enjoy them as they are.

For deliciously nutritious energy on the run, I grab a couple of these summer flavors as I call them, The Lemon Goji Berry and Coconut or Apple Cinnamon Cranberry.

I keep my Nagi in the fridge, it tastes so fresh when I have them in the mornings. I assure you, these protein bars will be your new favorite snack to keep in your fridge and enjoy all week long.

Use NAGI20 to receive 20% off your order + FREE SHIPPING on orders over $45.

Stay Tuned as there is a huge giveaway coming up in few days!

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Photography: Dovile Lingyte



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